Logo of Seminar Pro seminar management software for macOS

Mit Tutorial-Videos mehr über Seminar Pro erfahren (English)

Sample Registration

Example registration of a participant to a seminar. A PDF invoice file is generated and sent to participant with the included email client software.

Addresses, Events, Infos

We take a quick look a the 3 main types of information to be handled by Seminar Pro: Addresses, Events, Infos. 3 more types are available in individual custom projects.

User Interface

Seminar Pro is an OSX software for seminar management. In this video we give you a quick overview on its user interface.

Layout Editor

In this video we will show you how to make changes to the user interface and the database design.

Script Editor

Here we show you how the included scripting language can be used to create automated PDF file output.

Adding Scripts

Scripts can be added to the menubar, context menus, toolbar buttons and each individual control. We show you how this is done.

Customize while in use

This seminar solution can be customized, altered and extended while it is already in use. The productive system can be customized in an evolutionary, agile approach.

Linking and Relating

Information is created by describing relationsships between persons, events and general infos, documents, etc. Relationsships are created through drag & drop operations.

Scanning Documents

Seminar Pro can be used as a document management system. See how to scan a document, save it into the database and relate it to seminar and person records.